Member Bios

Name: Tammy Natalewicz

Biker Name: Storm

Position: President and Co-Founder of Dangerous Curvz

My Ride: 2014 Harley Davidson Streetglide Special

Riding Since: 2008

Bio:  I had always ridden dirt bikes and quads when I was younger and even a couple times “took” (without his knowledge, lol) my father’s Kawasaki 750 out for a joy ride at 14!  I have always had the love of riding I just never acted on it until one day when my sister Sheri and I started talking about getting our license.  We added Suzanne to the conversation and quickly realized we would put that talk into action and all get our license.  In 2010 Dangerous Curvz was born!  The common goal of a love for riding and wanting to help and empower new women riders was a driving force for us!   There were other women riders, just none that we knew of, so we decided to form the group and find those other riders!   I love how riding makes me feel free and I love the camaraderie with others in the motorcycle culture. I enjoy helping new women riders and getting together with the Dangerous Curvz Crew. I have been all over on my bike and look forward to creating new memories with the Dangerous Curvz girls and  I am excited for the 2017 riding season and  meeting other riders on the road!

Quote: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”

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Name: Suzanne Gwinnett

Biker Name:  Phoenix

Position: Vice President and Co-Founder of Dangerous Curvz

Riding since: 2009

My Ride: 2007 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic

Bikes were always in my life.  My father used to ride when I was younger and I would ride on the back with him.  I knew some day I would get my license and ride too.  That didn’t happen until 2009.  At that time my girlfriends had just gotten their license not too long before me and they were eager and willing to show me the ropes.  My very first outing I encountered a dog running out at me, a stop on a hill and a freshly tar and graveled road.  Big lessons that day but I made it through and couldn’t wait to get back on my bike.  At the time I only had a Honda Rebel 250 but I loved her.  I moved up to a Harley Sportster 883 Custom the following year.  That is when my girlfriends and I sat down and decided to form Dangerous Curvz.  Since then I’ve moved up to a Heritage Softail Classic.

Riding to me is a way to clear my head of all the stress that’s going on.  I can relax and just breathe in all the smells of the area and really get a chance to look around and see all the beauty this world has to offer.  I haven’t done any major long trips other than Delmarva Bike Week in Ocean City, MD but hopefully one day that will change.

My father passed away in 2000.  At the time I didn’t have my license yet and my mother sold his bike.  She had gotten him his bike, a Peaches and Cream Heritage Sofftail Classic for his 50th birthday.  My dream was to find his bike and buy it back by my 50th birthday.  Well I’ve been searching and still haven’t been able to locate it.  I’m almost 52 now but I will continue to look for his bike and hopefully some day buy it back.

I have 4 children: Morgan, 24, Courtney, 22, Tucker, 20 and Hailey 18 – they are my reason for existing!!!

Quote:  Be yourself…the world will adjust!

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Name: Sheri O’Leary

Biker Name:  Vegas

Position: Co-Founder of Dangerous Curvz and DC Member

Riding since: 2008

My Ride : 2009 Harley Davidson Streetglide

Bio:  It started with three friends sitting around a kitchen table when the words sort of spilled out – why don’t we start an all-female motorcycle riding group?   Tammy, Suzanne and I had been talking about how crazy it would be if we all got our motorcycle licenses and then it just didn’t sound so crazy anymore and we did it.  Dangerous Curvz was born in the Fall of 2010.   The excitement of getting our licenses combined with the excitement (and let’s be honest, for some of us the fear) of riding just naturally drew us to want to not only meet other female riders but also to really encourage newly licensed riders by providing a non-judgmental and supportive environment so they could feel safe and have fun riding.  Throughout our 6+ years, we have had the privilege to meet some incredible women, create new friendships and watch the dream for our group come to realization in so many different ways.

For me personally, riding was something that did not come natural and served as an example of how exciting life can be when you step out of your comfort zone.     It doesn’t matter who you are, what you ride, when you started, how old you are, whether you are part of a group or a solo rider….  Just ride, have fun and be safe!

Quote: Don’t believe everything you think!

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Name:  Rosemary Boyd

Biker Name -Ladyee Rose

Position:  Membership Coordinator and DC Member

Riding since:   2009

My Ride (s):  2009 Can Am Spyder RS/2006 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200C

Bio:  My purpose as a female rider is to fellowship with women who are new/seasoned in the biker community. My mission is to continue to empower and motivated like-minded women who share the same passion.

Quote: Things happen for a reason!

LadyeeRose 2 LadyRose 1

Name:  Barb Ancypowic

Biker Name:  Smoogy

Position:  DC Member

Riding Since:  2010

My Ride:  2009 Harley Davidson Crossbones (softail)

Bio:  I decided to learn how to ride a motorcycle when I turned 50. I took the rider course and bought a HD Sportster, and then rode as much as I could.
As I became more confident in my riding abilities I started looking for a bigger bike to take on longer trips.  I purchased a HD Softail 4 years ago and have put on over 40,000 miles since then.  Riding to Sturgis,SD, Blue Ridge Parkway from start to finish, riding to Canada, and more to come for this year!

Quote:  It is what it is!

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